Luke Jermay

Luke Jermay

Luke Jermay has been performing professionally for over 10 years and in this lecture Jermay will present and discuss material honed in countless performances for the ticket buying public. †There will be no pipe dreams; just material that delivers powerful, impactful and lasting reactions from the most discerning of audiences.†

The Edinburgh Evening News reviewed Jermay’s one man show ‘Sixth Sense’ with 5 Stars calling him ‘utterly astonishing in the extreme’ going on to add:†

"Jermay is gain power like his he must be in league with the devil.Ӡ

The Times Newspaper said:

"My jaw dropped repeatedly... Jermay puts us in a state where we can wonder whether life has more possibilities than we thought it did an hour before" †

The Sun Newspaper said:†

"Jermay is mind blowing. You would be out of your mind to miss this show!Ӡ

Broadway Baby enthused:

"Jermay does outrageous things that are inexplicable - over and over again...He really can just look at you and know what you're thinking…"†

Jermay will focus on simple; direct methods with a heavy attention to believability and the techniques of revealing personal information; techniques that have gained rave reviews and sold out performances.

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